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November 18 is the Day of Dedication. What will our Climate Legacy be?

Day of Dedication events will be taking place all over the country. Check out the map above to find and sign up for an event in your community.

-Don't see a Day of Dedication near you? You can sign up here to put an event on the map. Organizers will make sure you have the support you need.

-Are you a college student looking to take action on campus? Check out this post detailing how students are using this opportunity to pressure their administrators with a special student day of action on November 15. If you want to know more about the campus actions, contact Alyssa Lee from Better Future Project at alyssa [at]


November 18 at Your State Capitol

An image of water protectors marching from the Minnesota State Capitol in 2017 to resist the Line 3 tar sands pipeline

November 18 will be a day that determines our climate legacy—for we the people, and our politicians.

Mayors and governors are invited to contribute to the time capsules, just like anyone else.

There’s only one condition: they must agree to uphold the Paris agreement, and back it up by committing to 100% renewable energy and an end to fossil fuel development in their city or state.

All who refuse will be recorded in the time capsule, on our terms. They will be remembered for playing petty politics while the world burned.

Politicians care about their legacy. Maybe, just maybe, the promise of having it tarnished will inspire a few officials to do the right thing.

If you want to help put your governor, mayor, state legislature, or city council’s legacy on the line, sign up using the form above to join an event on November 18.

Learn more about the plan for November 18 here.

If you’re already working on a campaign for 100% renewable energy or against fossil fuel projects, you are welcome to use the time capsule to turn up the heat on your targets.

Is your organization interested in becoming a partner on the Climate Legacy Time Capsule project?