How will we be remembered?

Our Climate Legacy

While the rest of world is rallying to stop climate change, the United States stands alone in opposition.

Washington has fallen into the hands of Big Oil’s lobbyists, lawyers, and executives, all of them dead-set on profiting from pollution. Following their advice, Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris agreement. 

This November, world leaders are meeting to decide what happens next now that the U.S. has withdrawn from Paris. As the nations of the world prepare to gather at the UN Climate Negotiations to move forward with the Paris Agreement, the rest of us have a choice to make.

This is a moment of reckoning for all Americans. We must decide who we are, and what we stand for.

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How You Can Take Action

There are two ways you can join the Climate Legacy Time Capsule Project on November 18: by creating a time capsule with your community, or by attending (or hosting) a Day of Dedication event on November 18. Learn more below.

We’re collecting objects for Climate Legacy Time Capsules: items that represent what you love and are fighting to protect. One of the most important ways you can contribute is to become a “Collection Captain” and gather three or more time capsule objects or letters from your community.

November 18 is the “Day of Dedication.” We’ll gather at state capitols and city halls around the country, share what each of us are fighting for, and seal our time capsules. They’ll be opened in November 2067, 50 years from now. What kind of world will they be opened in? That’s up to us.